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Dental health insurance Quotes

Choosing the right dental insurance policy means you will not have to stress out about the cost of dental work. And you'll have plenty to smile about with free quotes on dental insurance plans. Seeing a dentist regularly prevents major dental issues down the road. Don't wait - compare dental plans today!

Find your dental insurance plan today.

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If you think cavities and gum disease are not a big deal, think again. Studies conducted over the past few years have revealed a connection between periodontitis - an advanced stage of gum disease - and heart disease. Researchers have also determined there may be a link between oral bacteria and serious medical issues like blood clots, pre-term babies, diabetes, pneumonia and osteoporosis.

The chances of developing one of the conditions listed above can be significantly reduced by preventive measures. Better yet, many dental insurance plans cover the majority of preventive procedures. Let's take a look at the average percentage of coverage for various types of dental procedures:

  • Preventive - When underwriting dental plans, many carriers grant a large percentage of coverage to preventive procedures under the assumption that these types of procedures will reduce the need for expensive procedures. Consequently, most dental insurance plans cover 80 to 100 percent of dental procedures including annual or bi-annual checkups and cleanings.
  • Restorative - Procedures like fillings, tooth extractions and, in some cases, root canals are typically 65 to 80 percent covered. Root canals can vary from plan to plan because this type of procedure can be classified as either restorative or major. A helpful reference to determine classification per policy is the plan's Usual, Customary and Reasonable fee schedule.
  • Major - Dental insurance typically covers about 50 percent of costs for procedures like crowns, partials, brides and implants. It is important to note that two clauses, the missing tooth clause and replacement clause, prohibit coverage for work performed prior to purchase of the plan.

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Dental health insurance plans
Dental health insurance plans

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