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Dental Implants Problems

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Having dental implants are the synthetic action primarily taken when you've undergone a suffering of crooked teeth, abscesses, gum diseases, and due to injury resulting in a compulsory extraction of your tooth or teeth. Despite being a costly procedure which presents a much extended time for both treatment and recovery period, dental implants give a far greater functionality and pleasing aesthetic value for the wearer.However, just like any other surgical procedures, there are a variety of unwanted complications that may arise from this popular substitute of permanent replacement to dentures or fixed bridges.

5. Unsuccessful Osseointegration

Beforehand an implant will need to fit in by the book into the patient's jawbone which requires a healthy volume and density of bone present. There are cases in which the implant will be unsuccessful infusing properly with the jawbone or failed osseointegration due to incorrect positioning, insufficient bone density or volume, overloading, damage to surrounding tissues, external force/sudden impact, fractured implants or even a reaction to anesthesia.It has been advised that prior to undergoing a dental implant procedure patients with inadequate height, width and length should have a sinus lift or bone graft to aid in the enhancement of space and bone mass.

4. Peri-Implantitis

An infection or otherwise known as peri-implantitis is triggered by improper dental hygiene either during pre-oral surgery or post-surgery bacteria. Such an inflammation of the gums can also be due to the usage of dental cement which then results in a gradual loss of the jawbone supporting the implant. Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory disease marked by bacterial infection and the gradual loss of the jaw bone supporting the implant. Unfortunately, when such an infection occurs, it's all back again to square one as the dental implant should be taken away.

3. Overloading
Overloading is the word agreed upon when botches triggered by excessive compression employed on the protruding abutment and/or crown. These forces can effortlessly upset the course of action during osseointegration.Frequently, patients with have insufficient bone mass are at greater risk for being a candidate of instantaneous loading.

2. Sinus Problems

Prior to a dental implant, a patient should clearly state to his/her dentist any history of sinus problem issues as swelling of an implant into the sinus cavity will easily set off an a disastrous swelling.A counteractive surgery, however, can be done after a routine X-ray procedure of the affected area.

1. Mutilation of surrounding nerves and tissues

Like most invasive surgical procedures, nearly loss of tissues and nerves will take place especially when a dental implant is embedded to a nerve which causes either a chronic pain or numbness in the cheeks or gums. This rare occurrence can mostly be blamed with an inexperienced dentist fostering a nerve damage that can be either temporary or permanent.Nevertheless, the dentist will need to remove the dental implant.

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