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Adult dental benefits are now available through family dental plans. All plans include free preventive and diagnostic care, like cleanings, X-rays and exams.

In addition to the dental coverage available through family dental plans — which make dental benefits available to single adults, married adults, families and children — children’s dental coverage is still included as part of all health insurance plans sold through Covered California. This is known as “embedded children’s dental coverage.”

Read more about family dental plans and embedded children’s dental coverage below.

How to Enroll

Family dental plans are offered during the renewal period, for Covered California members, and during open enrollment for new enrollees. Family dental plans are also available during special enrollment to new enrollees in Covered California. Adults with and without children can enroll in family dental plans, but they must purchase a health plan through Covered California in order to be eligible. See our Shop and Compare Tool to compare plans and pricing. You will need to log in to your account or create an account in order to enroll in a family dental plan.

Embedded children’s dental coverage is part of all health insurance plans sold through Covered California, so no additional enrollment is needed to receive children’s dental benefits if you already have a health insurance plan through Covered California. The dental benefits for children are part of the coverage you have purchased.

More Information About Family Dental Plans and Embedded Children’s Dental Coverage

  • Family dental plans (available to both adults and children): Dental coverage for adults is not an “essential health benefit” under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, so dental coverage for adults is offered separately from the health insurance plans through family dental plans. No financial assistance is available to purchase these dental plans. .
  • Embedded children’s dental coverage (benefits already included in all health plans): Dental coverage for children is an “essential health benefit” under the Affordable Care Act, so all health plans purchased through Covered California include children’s dental coverage. All consumers under 19 are automatically covered by dental benefits that are embedded in health plans purchased through Covered California. However, some parents may choose to enroll their children in an optional family dental plan for additional dental coverage. .

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