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Can titanium Implants cause cancer?

Dr. Weston Price was one of the first researchers to understand the association between root canals and illness. Specifically that root canals can cause the destruction of systemic health and the development of chronic illness. Many doctors today believe that root canals are the infected sites of origin which promote the decline in immunity and systemic health.

Given the well-established link between root canals and illness… can root canals cause cancer?

Root Canals Promote Secondary Infections

The nerve and dental decay from a damaged tooth is removed during a root canal. In theory, the chemical solution used to disinfect the area is designed to get rid of bacteria that may linger and cause further infections. But can all bacteria truly be eradicated?

Root canals seem to only place a bandage over a life threatening problem, and more appropriately merely delay the onset of major health issues. Unfortunately there is an underlying misconception that infective agents such as microbes, fungi, and viruses are successfully disinfected within teeth’s gums. However, there are miles of microscopic tubules which are never exposed to sanitizing chemicals.

In studies, up to 50% of the pathogenic bacteria population remained following treatment with the common disinfectant sodium hypochlorite. Adding human error to the equation, secondary health complications arising from root canals seem more likely than not.

Root Canals Foster Harmful Anaerobic Bacteria and Promote Antibiotic Resistance

Harmful anaerobic bacteria thrive in an oxygen-free environment when a dentist seals off a treated tooth. Toxins are released from the bacteria which leach into both neighboring and distant areas of the body. In one study, Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS, reported that over the course of three years, all 87 patients who had undergone a root canal procedure reported a decline in health.

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