Fremont Invisalign Dentist

Dentist Fremont

4527 Fanuel St
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 272-2222

Dr Fremont is so educated and goes beyond just dentistry and considered a friend as well as the staff, comfortable setting and state of the art organization and the best I have had in my 52 years of life, Thank to all of them!!!

Dr Freedmont is the best Dentist in San Diego hands down. He and his staff are very personable and make you feel like your not at the Dentist at all but visiting friends. I recently started taking my son Christian for his first 2 year old appointment. We pick out a toy, sit in the chair and the staff makes it a fun experience. I highly recommend Dr Fredmont for kids and adults.

Dr. Fremont and his staff are simply amazing. I've been visiting their office for three years and they are always so kind, attentive and caring. I highly recommend their services for all your dental needs.

GREAT staff and Great doctor!! I am very pleased with there service and professionalism. They have been gentle with all my dental needs. I highly recommend using Doctor Fremont!

The entire staff is friendly, welcoming, professional and efficient. I've never waited past my appointment time for my visit to start. They never pressure patients into extra services and the entire visit is pleasant.

I've been going to Dr. Fremont for several years now, and I've always appreciated his quality of work and the positive attitude of everyone in the office. Recently, a series of unfortunate events landed me back in his office twice in early 2016. On two separate occasions Dr. Fremont opened his doors for me after hours (once on a Sunday and again at 8:30 pm) to deal with a tooth emergency. In both instances he made himself available after hours and took great care of my teeth. I don't know many dentists that would go that extra mile, but that level of service goes a long way in my book. I highly recommend Dr. Fremont. He's the real deal.

I'm one of those people that doesn't like going to the dentist, until I met Robert, he makes you feel so comfortable, gets to know you, makes jokes, and he informs you what's going on as he does his procedure. The staff are like family, super friendly, and very proffesional, I actually am looking forward to my next visit, oh! And Robert called me the next day to see how I was doing, who does that anymore! I would reccommend him to everyone!

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