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Whenever I go to the dentist, I hope for 3 things. 1) On Time Appointment. 2) Nice Hygienist that doesn't criticize me for not flossing as much as I should, HA. 3) Good, gentle cleaning for routine visits and quality, competent work for bigger jobs like root canals, crowns, etc. In the two years that I've been going to Sandy Springs Dental, my experience has always been fantastic. Dr. Stoever and her team does a remarkable job and I've recommended them to several co-workers and family.

This was my first time as a patient in the office and everyone was very nice and welcoming. The issues I had with my teeth, I was able to discuss with the hygienist and dentist and they clarified everything I needed to know. Kathy, the receptionist even went as far as pricing my treatment plan and emailed me the information in less than a day. I definitely would recommend this office if you are looking for genuinely nice people who are willing to go the extra mile at resolving any problems you may have with your teeth or just want a beautiful smile. I look forward to remaining a patient here at Sandy Springs Dental.

Been seeing Dr. Stoever for years and have had a great experience every time. There is little to no wait time. They are friendly and professional, and the office is super clean and neat. I'd highly recommend them to anyone!

I was terrified of the dentist based on previous bad experiences but Dr Stoever and staff were very friendly and helped ease my phobia. I have had a lot of dental work at this office including two crowns and cavity fillings and so far all is good! Now when I visit them it's like going to see friends and we have a lot of laughs and catch up on how our families are doing. I love this office and I'm thankful that it's conveniently located down the street from my job, however the traffic and construction on Roswell isn't too pleasant. Even though others might have posted bad reviews I've never had anything bad to say about this office and staff and I hope others are willing to give them a chance!

Dr Stoever and her staff are amazing! Let's be honest, very few jump for joy to go to the dentist (or any doc for that matter), but these ladies always put me at ease. I've been a patient of Dr. Stoever's for over 3 years and she's so welcoming she has even gotten my husband to actually PREBOOK his usually avoided-at-all-cost appointments. I've had several different hygienists and they've all been gentle yet thorough. Highly recommended.

They put a crown on a tooth that should have been a root canal or extraction. Because of the pain, I had to take 3200mg ibuprofen a day for 10 days straight (800mg every 6 hours). This caused a problem with my stomach (specifically gastritis) which required an EGD to diagnose. The total cost of the EGD ran more than $10k with me having to pay close to $3k out of pocket. The sole cause was the ibuprofen consumption related to this dental work. When they initially put the crown on, they used temporary glue even though I asked them to use the stronger stuff. They told me if it came off that they wouldn't charge me to put it back on. Sure enough after a couple months it came off and nearly chipped another tooth in the process. They put it back on, said they used the stronger glue and billed me even though they said they wouldn't. Now 9 months later the crown has fallen off again and I need to find a new dentist because I don't trust these people. They have caused me too much pain and cost me way too much money to continue with them.

Dr. Stoever is an incredibly competent and patient dentist with an excellent bedside manner. I've been a patient in her practice for over three years, at first with no insurance and an emergency, which Dr. Stoever was able to help me resolve immediately. Dr. Stoever explained everything to me thoroughly and never treated me with condescension or contempt, which seems to be very common among other Southern doctors I have visited, who assume that everyone is ignorant. She is the person that I trust my care to and highly recommend her.

This place is really horrible! I was actually referred to go here. I had a problem with my tooth and made an appointment. The clerk told me that I would have a complete examination including X-Rays. I repeatedly asked if it was covered by my insurance, and she emphatically said yes ( I would pay a co-pay). After the examination, The dentist made it sound like my teeth were horribly rotten and she pushed a medication used in deep cleaning. She didn't want to touch the tooth which was bothering me. I declined to have the work done (most of it not covered by my insurance). Later I received a bill in the mail. Apparently the tests were not covered by my insurance. By the way, my tooth still hurts. Avoid this clinic!!

I went to Sandy Springs Dental for a cleaning. While Dr. Stoever and my hygienist were very kind and knowledgeable, I will not return. Every interaction I had with the receptionist -Meliisa-was negative. She is abrasive, cold and needs to learn to treat patients with dignity. I called several times with requests for Dr. Stoever to call me, as I had questions regarding my treatment. I never heard back. I can only guess that the receptionist didn't give her my messages. I learned my lesson and found a new dentist with a nicer receptionist.

This little dental office is tucked into a shopping center near Lowes and across from Whole Foods on Roswell Rd. I could not be happier. When I first visited Dr. Christina Stoever's practice about 2 years ago, I had not been to a dentist in almost 15 years, no insurance. My how things have changed over the years! The front office staff is very friendly as are all the hygienists. I think I've had a different one for each cleaning, but each one has been friendly and competent. It's not a large office, but it is very clean and very modern. You have your own tv to watch as you are worked on, which is nice. I recommended this place to a friend who need some intense work done, but was very worried about pain. She said her experience was great and that she felt absolutely nothing during her procedures. Dr. Stoever is young and is definitely keeping up with the times when it comes to dental care, no archaic tools used here! The office staff has handled all my insurance work perfectly and I've had no issues. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new dentist or that has avoided going because of fear...this place will put you at ease.

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