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The GDC’s Scope of Practice document (2009) provided dental nurses with the scope to undertake additional skills that might be developed through further training. The NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education is just one of the post-registration qualifications that we offer to support these extended duties.

The main focus of the qualification is based on learning the communication skills required to educate patients about their oral health. This is the only qualification available nationally that emphasises and tests communication skills which is an important pre-requisite for Oral Health Educators.

The new dental contract has elements within which will require every dental surgery to have an Oral Health Educator to promote Oral Health education to their patients. It is therefore anticipated that more Oral Health Educators will be required.

An Oral Health Educator can complement the role of the dental hygienist, help increase sales of oral hygiene aids and promote cosmetic treatments offered by the practice. It is economical for dentists to carry out the work for which they are qualified, allowing a trained educator to help patients with prevention and control of dental disease.

The NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education is not just about developing professionally from a registered dental nurse to an Oral Health Educator. This qualification is also about growing both professionally and on a personal level; developing self-confidence and self-belief. Through enhancing your skills you will gain further respect from dentists and hygienists with whom you work as part of a team educating and improving the oral health of patients.

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