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Surgical stent for Dental Implants

Advent of osseointegration has rapidly led to use of dental implants over recent years. Implant complications are often inadvertent sequelae of improper diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical method, and placement. This can be overcome by using surgical guides for implant positioning. Although conventionally made surgical guide are used, the clinical outcome is often unpredictable, and even if the implants are well placed, the location and deviation of the implants may not meet the optimal prosthodontic requirements. High accuracy in planning and execution of surgical procedures is important in securing a high success rate without causing iatrogenic damage. This can be achieved by computed tomography, 3D implant planning software, image-guided template production techniques, and computer-aided surgery. This article evaluates about the various systems of conventionally made surgical guide using radiograph and also the newer computer generated surgical guide in detail.

Keywords: Computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacture, computed tomography, implant, surgical guide

Dental implants have become a treatment options widely used for the replacement of lost teeth. The development of dental implants has had a major impact on the patients and the implant supported oral restoration has become an increasingly used treatment option for partially edentulous and completely edentulous patients, also even in patients with severe bone loss and in locations which all previously considered unsuitable for implant placement has been made possible by means of bone augmentation, regeneration and soft tissue regeneration procedures. The success of dental implants in the treatment of patients is directly related to patient evaluation and good treatment planning.

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