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What is Dental Implants procedure?

The procedure itself is NOT painful, but do not let anyone tell you how "gentle and easy" the surgery is. The process involves cutting gum, drilling into the jawbone, shoving in a titanium post and sometimes even removal of teeth, bone grafts or sinus lifts. Therefore, some discomfort should be expected once the anesthesia wears off.

The procedure itself is done with local or general anesthesia so the mouth and jaw are completely numb to pain. That said, the drilling noises and forces being applied do make many people feel anxious/uncomfortable.

Many people say that the pain afterwards is similar to when a tooth is pulled or root canal is performed. Soreness typically lasts for 7 to 10 days after the surgery and can involve some combination of swelling, bruising and bleeding.

To relieve the pain, ibuprofen is your best bet. If the pain is still more than you can handle, let your dentist know and they will prescribe something stronger. Remember that ice packs/frozen veggies are your friends.

If you're still experiencing significant pain or bleeding at the 2 week mark or later after the surgery, let your dentist know as this is typically a sign that there is a problem with the implant.

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