Dental Implants

What Dental Implants is this?

In the last 25 years, dental implants have gained quite an exposure and for all the right reasons. The surgical procedure though might be a little complicated for a person to understand and comprehend; the benefits it has to offer are countless.

On the other hand, immediate dental implant, though quite new, is nonetheless equally effective, if not much better. It does not require any bone grafting and the whole procedure can be carried out within a day. So, you can simply get your implants before your summer vacation and enjoy your summer freely without the need of feeling embarrassed because of your dentures.

What are the benefits of immediate dental implant?

The Sargon immediate load implant, named after its inventor, Dr. Sargon Lazarof, has many benefits to offer. They are:

• No more embarrassments because of dentures. The entire process is a denture free process.

• The healing period is quite short so you can eat without much restriction and get rid of the pain associated with it.

• The entire procedure is pretty simple.

• It reduces the number of times you have to visit a clinic as the number of surgical procedures is lessened.

• The procedure supports the placement of the implants right after the extraction of the tooth and keeps away any infection or contaminants.

Candidates for implants

Usually, almost everyone is qualified to be a candidate for Sargon immediate load implant. However, you should not be suffering from any periodontal disease. Also, you should not be a smoker, or suffer from diabetes or even have an autoimmune disease. It is also not recommended for people, who have undergone radiation therapy from head to the neck. And also you need to have enough bone in the jaw area to qualify for such a procedure.

The process of getting implants

The process of getting immediate implants is pretty easy and quick as well. It is restricted to one or two visitations to the clinic after which you will be happy and whole with your teeth again. For immediate dental implant, the procedure consists of two things:

1) Getting a consultation

2) Getting the surgery done.

In the first step, during the consultation, the dentist will determine whether you are qualified for such a procedure and will ask you to undergo certain diagnostic tests like a CT scan, dental x rays, etc.

Once the dentists have checked the reports and considered all the factors, they will explain the procedure and ask for your consent. Only if you give your consent to it, will they proceed with the surgery.

In surgery, the tooth is extracted and in its place, the implant is placed. The surgeon follows the guide made earlier and the surgery takes very little time to perform. You won’t be able to experience any pain as you will be under anesthesia. Once the surgery is completed, the replacement tooth is placed upon the implant.

The surgery takes as little as an hour to complete and the healing process starts right after you are done with the surgery for immediate implants.

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