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Centrelink Health care Card Dental

You may be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card if you are on a low income and meet the Low Income Health Care Card income test.

There is no assets test for this card.

Students and Australian Apprentices

If you are a student or Australian Apprentice and receive Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or Austudy, you will not automatically receive a Health Care Card. You may still qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card. Call the Students and trainees line to claim a Low Income Health Care Card.

Dependent children

Some dependent children are not eligible to claim their own Low Income Health Care Card.

If you are aged below 19, are supported by your parents or guardians and in secondary studies, you may not be eligible to claim your own Low Income Health Care Card.

If you have been granted a Centrelink payment you may qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card.

Shared care arrangements

If you have a Low Income Health Care Card and you share the care of a child, your child’s name will be listed on your card. The amount of shared care needs to be at least 14% of the time, which is 2 or more nights per fortnight.

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