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Even the simplest change can prevent your insurance claim from being processed correctly. You may still have the same dental insurance company, but your employer may have changed the plans offered (something they should inform you of during open season), or the insurance company might have made small changes to the plan you currently have.

If something did change and you do not make us aware of it, this can greatly impact your out of pocket portions due, or might even mean something that used to be covered might not be anymore, causing you to receive a bill for visits after the claims are denied. Even changes to the plan’s group number or your subscriber ID number can cause issues – it might not mean you won’t get coverage, but it can mean your claim is denied for incorrect information. When this happens, we have to try to contact the patient to get updated information, which is risky, as some plans won’t accept claims after a certain time period, whether there’s coverage or not. To prevent any of these situations for your convenience, please be prepared to verify your insurance at every visit.

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Dentist Madison WI
Dentist Madison WI

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