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This has been my dentist office for the past two years and I haven't had any problems with them. My hygienist is super friendly and gentle. The dentist is too. Some dentist push procedures but they actually talk to me about it honestly and allow me to make a decision. The stay is super friendly too. Not to mention the massages and nutritionist they offer. The nutritionist alone deserves 5 stars. She is so sweet and genuine and practical. She cares for each of her patients individually. I'm still super satisfied with them.

Finding a good dentist is like finding a needle in a hay stack.Booked a appointment had to wait two months for my appointment. They didn't send me any remind me notice of my up coming appointment like they had promised and like most dental offices do. My bad I did get a text the day of my appointment. So yes I forgot about my appointment. So I had to reschedule yes another month in half wait. The reception Shun he seems like it's a bother to even book appointments not very accommodating. At first I was going to the Berkeley office but its like a revolving door you get a new dentist every six months.. But I won't give up will keep looking until find that dental office...

I can honestly say this is the best dental practice I have ever been to. The entire staff is extremely warm and I feel very comfortable during my visits. What makes this place so unique is their complimentary acupuncture, massage and nutritionist appointments. When I first heard they offered these services for free I was truly shocked! Have you ever heard of a dental office that does this? For the first time ever I actually look forward to going to the dentist. A true gem in Oakland.

Sean is the Best Children's Hygienist in the Bay Area. #Oakland #TotalHealthDentalCare #Piedmont

My family has been coming to Total Health Dental Care for years, making it about time for this review. Of note is how friendly and accommodating the entire staff is, which is the cornerstone to the relationships they cultivate with their patients. There are some real stars here, April and Lori in particular has made 'the dentist' a positive experience for my kids, and I am even seeing my husband taking ownership of his dental care, which is remarkable! These guys are really good, I recommend for all ages (they were my boys FIRST dentist, and they LIKE going for cleanings)! Well done, Total Health Dental Care - THANK YOU!

Good dentists and staff. However... Oral surgeon got me worried about something in my mouth and failed to book an appointment after several attempts. Too much "upsell". staff advises of potential issue, then after finding out that insurance doesn't cover, issue becomes benign. Feels like I'm at a used car salesmen not at a dentist. But other than that great service!

Very friendly staff, amazing with kids and all their products are earth friendly/organic or sustainable. This is what modern dentistry should be about. Very happy with the service, staff and pricing.

My hygienist is smart, funny, efficient, dedicated, and looks out for my well-being. The office is very friendly and make it easy to book appointments, fully use my insurance benefits, and also are dedicated to a total health concept. If you are looking for full service dentistry, that respects and values each person, and is dedicated to your overall health, this is the place for you. My hygienist is Sean but I'm sure the others are also excellent.

The day has come that my three year old had his first dentist visit. Dun, dun dun.(que scary music crescendo) They were so awesome with my son! Not to mention that he was shockingly so well behaved. I know it was all due to how well he was treated. He was even well behaved while I had my cleaning done. Dr. Hong was exceptional with him. So calm and gentle. My son really like him. They were so accommodating for me and my 6 month old daughter as well. One of the front office ladies held her while I had x-rays done. Then I was able to hold her on my lap while my cleaning was done. So family friendly. The office is so modern and clean. All of the assistance were courteous and sweet and doted on my kids. It was just a really great experience. My son had no cavities! Woo Whoo!!! I have a tiny little one so better brushing and flossing is in my future. At least I'm taking great care of the kids teeth. This is a great office. I'm so glad we visited them.

Great office, everyone is so nice and they get you in and out fairly quickly. I have had cleanings and a cap done so far and both experiences have been fantastic!

I have a new dentist! My new dentist is Dr. Senft and I am so happy to have found him. On my first visit we did an exam and found some work that needed to be done, then I saw Sean, the hygienist, who made my teeth the cleanest they've ever been! He has a gentle touch and warm personality. Today was the day that convinced me to officially change from my dentist of 20 years. I needed a crown replaced and Total Health Dental Care has wonderful technology that makes the new crown onsite, so it's all done in one day - no more temporary crowns! And what really impressed me was that the crown needed no adjustment: no high spots to shave, no tap, tap, tapping. It just fit perfectly. The office has a great energy and the team was very friendly. Dr Senft is gentle and really knows what he is doing and his assistant, Monica, was very sweet and kept me at ease. I highly recommend this office.

These people (dentists, hygienists, technicians & administrative staff) are the BEST!

I've been a member at Total Health for a few years and have always had a great experience. I recently too advantage of the free massage available to members on a monthly basis. The session was 40 minutes and was a chair massage. The therapist listened to my needs and her work reflected my requests. Her pressure and technique were just right for how tight, ropey and knotty my muscles are. Highly recommended.

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