Dental implants cost with insurance

Implants fees can range from as low as $1000 to as high $4000. It depends on a variety of factors that can affect the cost of an implant. Patients should choose the clinician that they feel comfortable with. Sometimes the cost can be secondary to a piece of mind. Implants are the best option in dentistry, outside of your natural teeth.

It sounds like you are faced with the prospect of losing all your teeth and replacing them with implants. If that is the case you don't have to place an implant for every tooth. 6-8 implants can be used to replace an entire arch of teeth. Also, implants can be used to stabilize a smaller removable appliance we call an over-denture. There can be many advantages to this one of which is reduced cost with a better more secure feel than a denture.

The cost of dental implants may vary depending upon where you get them done. In India, the cost of dental implants is about 1/4th of its cost in the US and you get similar or better treatment. You may enjoy a vacation and save quite a lot of money as well.

The cost of dental implant varies based on several factors:

1. The city where you are getting your treatment done.
2. The implant manufacturer
3. The type of prosthesis (straight/angulated abutment; PFM/All ceramic crown)
4. Any additional procedure such as bone grafting that may be required.

Implants at our practice range from Rs. 26, 000 to Rs. 45, 000 (approximately) based on the above mentioned factors. This cost is still less than what is charged in most other countries.

The low price does not mean you will be sacrificing any quality of care or materials used in your dental procedure. Lower fixed costs, lower labor costs, lower education fees and expenses, and lower insurance costs translate to significant savings for the dental tourist in India.

Although dental implant costs seem to vary, the average patient should be able to get a dental implant for about $1200. However, custom abutments, bone grafts and crowns will add to the final cost of the dental implant. Patients are often confused by the amount of variations they find when restoring their implants. When comparing prices, always make sure you are comparing "apples to apples" and don't be fooled by brand name hype. There is no conclusive evidence that one implant brand is statistically more successful than another. What will probably make the most difference in success and longevity long term are the diagnostic and surgical skills of the implant dentist. If you have a choice, go with the most experienced implant dentist you can find.

Typically implant cost is determined by your geographical locale. Most are in the range of about $1600 - $2500 for th eimplant placement and then after healing (406 months) an abutment and crown are required which can range from $1500-$3000. On average a complete implant from start to finish is roughly $3800. Of course, if bone grafting is required, then it depends on the type of graft and size of graft used.

If you are seeing a specialist (periodontist or oral surgeon), in Toronto, the cost of the implant surgery is around $2000 to $2500 for the post itself and then another $2000 for the crown (cap). This assumes that the socket has already healed from any previous extraction. If a tooth needs to be extracted first, then the cost of the extraction ranges from $150 to $250 depending on how complicated it is and you may require a bone graft which would range in cost from $2000 (for a simple bone graft) to $5000 (for a complex bone graft). A single implant surgical to final crown can be as little as $3000 for a single crown to over $100, 000 to replace all the teeth in your mouth.

Implants can vary greatly in cost from $1500 to $3000 each. The implant itself is only part of the cost. You still need something on top of the implant called an abutment. These can be stock or custom and metal or porcelain. These can vary from $500 to $1500. You also may need a bone graft around the implant which can be $300 to $1200. Then you will still need a crown on top of it.

The cost is determined by how much reconstruction has to be done. For example, if you have been wearing a denture or a partial denture for a number of years, you may need bone grafting to replace the bone that resorbs over time. Also, if you have an abscess, bone destruction occurs due to the infection. The next stage would then be implant placement after the graft has healed. Due to the amount of materials used, these procedures can be costly, but the long term results are worth the expense.

Generally speaking, utilizing dental implants to restore missing teeth is the preferred method of restoration. The cost can vary depending on many factors. There is a surgical fee for the implant placement which will generally depend on your location and then there is a fee for the restoration on top of the implant, i.e., abutment/crown/bridge/denture. Having teeth that are 'fixed' in your mouth will feel and function as if they are your own. A denture can move around and is bulky. Not everyone can get used to it, so the extra cost is certainly worth it.

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