Are dental implants covered under insurance

Implants are considered the preferred treatment for tooth loss replacement with the failure rate less than 5 percent and significantly lower maintenance costs than are related to bridges and dentures. However, as of 2015, they remain fairly expensive with a single-tooth implant costing several thousand dollars and a full set of implants costing upwards of $45, 000. The high cost is due to the fact that both a dentist and a dental surgeon must work to carry out the procedure.

Although more insurance providers are covering implants as of 2015, the reimbursement limits are generally less than the cost of one single-tooth implant, often less than 50 percent of that cost, leaving patients to cover the rest out of pocket. Costs tend to be lower when patients go through dentists who are part of their insurance network. Some dentists allow patients to make installment payments on expensive procedures such as implants, while others offer financing.

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