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Cheap health and dental insurance

Are you in the market for a major medical policy? Perhaps your employer has recently reduced or even dropped your coverage? If so, you are undoubtedly looking for an affordable, individual or family health care plan.

You can begin your search here! Browse our listing of pre-qualified companies that offer health insurance in your State and local area. It's easy! Simply type in your zip code and then click the 'start quote' button.

The goal is to ensure the best fit for you and your family!

Insurance Plans

While many people use the Obamacare Market place, you can also purchase insurance through the private market, such as United Health, Golden Rule, Blue Cross-Blue Shield (for your state) and others. All of today's health insurance companies offer plans that are compliant with the ACA (Affordable Care Act), including the high deductible plans that allow you to set up an HSA (Health Savings Account). Using an HSA and working through a private company may open up some low cost options that you won't find on the government web site.

If you do decide to work with the government exchange, you will choose among four plans—Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Bronze has the lowest premiums but also the highest deductibles and coinsurance. If you are under age 30 and just want cheap insurance so you can avoid future penalties, you may be eligible for a catastrophic plan that has a very low premium, but high out of pocket costs if you need care. With a catastrophic plan, your Major Medical care is not covered unless you have a serious, high cost illness or accident.

If you do not qualify for a subsidy to pay the premium, you will definitely want to explore the private market and also the options within your own State. Some States chose to set up Co-ops rather than exchanges—another option intended to create affordable health care.

Help with High Deductibles

Often even individuals who qualify for a subsidy still have a high deductible. People sometimes scoff at the concept of ancillary benefits—policies like dental insurance, cancer or catastrophic illness insurance. While such policies were once luxuries that simply put a little extra money in your pocket if you should experience an applicable event, today they are often well worth having. They are also usually very inexpensive. A cancer policy, for example would certainly qualify as cheap health insurance, but thousands of people who have used such policies will attest to their value and would never part with them.

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