Does insurance cover dental implants

The main reason why dental implants are not covered by insurance is because, with the permanence comes an additional expense. When compared to other methods, implants are expensive and arguably unnecessary, even though most people find them to be the better choice. Since insurance does not cover dental implants, many patients find themselves researching health care credit cards with little or no interest rates such as CareCredit.

What Makes Dental Implants Different From Other Methods?

Implants fall into the same category as dentures and bridges, mainly because they are all used to treat the same problem. However, the ways in which they differ are vast. While dentures and bridges are removable, and are typically encouraged to be removed at night, dental implants are more permanent, and thus require a much more invasive and time-consuming procedure.

In a basic sense, the process of dental implants starts with screws being inserted into the upper and lower jawbones through surgery. Once the screws are implanted into the bone, time must pass for the two to fuse together and for the bone to grow around the screw. Once this occurs, a post is surgically affixed to the screw, which is the portion of the implant that attaches to the new tooth. Once the tissue heals from that surgery, the artificial tooth is then attached to the post, and remains permanently in the mouth from that point forward. The tooth is also cosmetically colored to match the patient's other teeth, so that after the surgery, the implant blends in with the look and feel of the natural teeth.

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