Center for Implant Dentistry

Center for Implant Dentistry

Established in 1999, this interdisciplinary center coordinates research, educational programs, and diagnosis and treatment related to patients needing dental implants.

Straumann AG, a Switzerland-based company that tested its first implant in 1974, and the International Team for Oral Implantology (ITI), a worldwide group of scientists and clinicians that developed the ITI-Dental Implant System, helped establish the center in Gainesville.

With the backing of these two leaders in the field of dental implants, the center is the first of its kind in the world. The center will benefit not only students in the doctor of dental medicine degree program, but also residents and faculty from our Health Science Center colleges, and an international audience of dental professionals through continuing education and distance education.


  • James David Ruskin
  • William Christopher Martin

Reduced-Fee Dental Care

UF College of Dentistry students and faculty participate in programs such as the We Care Physicians Network (352-334-7926).Such programs provide limited services for qualified individuals that may be reduced in fees.

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