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Dentistry for Health Omaha

Look and feel years younger with a comprehensive approach to dental care at Dentistry for Health. Combining her nursing and dental training, Dr. Robin Khan brings you dental treatments for your smile and health.

Recent studies show the impact your mouth can have on the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even dementia. Your teeth, jaw and lips are the gateway to your body—getting healthier starts with your mouth.

At Dentistry for Health, we evaluate your teeth and how they impact your sleep, comfort, confidence and well-being. We offer a continuity of care that is important in dentistry, similar to your regular wellness checks with your primary care doctor. As a regular patient, we will monitor any changes in your health and what impacts your teeth might be having.

If you’re suffering from ringing in the ears, frequent headaches, constant fatigue, sleepless kids, missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or an uncomfortable bite, Dentistry for Health has the solutions for you.

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