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Meaning of oral hygiene

  • 1Spoken rather than written; verbal:

    ‘they had reached an oral agreement’

  • ‘The second option includes writing and presenting an oral defense of a graduate thesis.’
  • ‘Primarily, the issue is one of non-disclosure of documents rather than oral testimony.’
  • ‘I find that this security agreement was primarily oral, but it was also partially written.’
  • ‘He also published widely in the teaching of oral language, writing, and methodology.’
  • ‘The governing body may also be represented and may make written and oral representations.’
  • ‘In this case, and clearly in many others, there was no written or oral tradition that preserved the author's reasoning for later generations of students.’
  • ‘The notice may be given orally or in writing and takes effect when received; but the agreement may require an oral notice to be confirmed in writing.’
  • ‘Awareness of fabrication and false teaching has long existed but became a major issue in academic circles in the twentieth century due to early reliance on oral, rather than written, transmission.’
  • ‘They also gain a little confidence in public speaking through their oral reports to the class.’
  • ‘As Ruby and Brown point out in, military records often differed from Spokane versions, which generally assumed an oral, rather than written, form.’
  • ‘Campers' discoveries are shared in journal writing, sketching and oral presentation, but they have plenty of time for snorkeling in the ocean and playing on the beach.’
  • ‘My idea is to divide my time doing practice in the mornings and evenings and then to do either written or oral translations during the day.’
  • ‘But, over the next month, they are expected to deliver written or oral responses to the issues paper, before the inquiry receives final submissions in early August.’
  • ‘It focuses on oral communication rather than written communication, which is vital in communities where there are many people who are not literate.’
  • ‘They rely on oral interviews rather than written ones.’
  • ‘He also had written or oral testimony in his support from 27 witnesses, all but five government officials like him.’
  • ‘A lot of the material has been transcribed, which means not only that the material can be read but also that cross referencing from the written to the oral form is a straightforward process.’
  • ‘There was no evidence of any agreement whether in writing or oral.’
  • ‘For example, there is a strong emphasis now on teaching the tricky subject of maths, through an oral technique, rather than the old format of writing it down in your copybook.’
  • ‘Depending on the nature of the specific disability, the student may benefit from oral instruction, written instruction, or demonstration.’
  • spoken, verbal, unwritten, by mouth, vocal, viva voce, uttered, said

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