Caa Dental Insurance

CAA health and dental insurance

In CAA Dollars on approval for the CAA Saskatchewan Health & Dental plans.

CAA Saskatchewan provides Members with comprehensive insurance protection, quality products, professional advice and superior service. The CAA Health & Dental Insurance Plan is the ideal way to ensure your peace-of-mind.

The CAA Health & Dental Insurance Plan offers coverage designed for individuals and families. Our plan is designed for professionals, small business owners, farmers and others not covered by a group health and dental plan.

For Members Coming off a Group Health Plan

If your employment has changed and you are coming off a group health plan, ask about the FollowMeTM Plan. Regardless of health or age, if you apply within 60 days of your loss of group health and dental benefits, no medical questionnaire is required. Applications submitted after this 60-day period will require medical underwriting.

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