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For more than 35 years in California and 25 years in Washington, Dental Health Services has been assisting dentists who share our commitment to quality, preventive care and patient satisfaction. If you are ready to increase your patient base while greatly reducing, or even eliminating, your marketing costs, you are encouraged to look closer.

Dental Health Services works with a network of independent dentists who are always free to pursue the best treatment plan for their patients. Plan members may enroll directly with Dental Health Services or through their company or organization. An increasing number of employers are opting for prepaid plans to stabilize the cost of employee benefits. A prepaid benefit plan encourages prevention and reduces the burden of high administrative overhead necessary to reimburse on a per-claim basis, as is the case with traditional indemnity insurance.

Founded by a private-practice dentist, Dental Health Services always keeps your professional needs as the foremost priority in our plan designs and service. Advantages for your practice include:

  • Additional and predictable monthly income
  • Stable and valuable patient base
  • Utilization of available chair time
  • Reduced advertising and marketing costs
  • Rewards for preventive care and wellness
  • Knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly assistance for you and your staff
  • New patient referrals from satisfied plan members

If you are ready to join the Dental Health Services' network of skilled and caring dentists, or if you would like more information, please complete our online Contract Request Form or give us a call. In California call 800-223-4347, and in Washington dial 800-400-0347.

From their own mouth.

"We’ve been providers with Dental Health Services for over 10 years, they are very helpful and easy to reach."

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