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dental-health.jpgWe're passionate about dental and oral health. This dental health information center contains the most up-to-date resources on dental and oral health, based on the latest academic research.

We cover topics such as general dental and oral health, dental hygiene, dental and oral health tips for parents (especially new parents) and getting the proper dental night guard to help with nocturnal teeth grinding. There is also a growing number of people who experience night time teeth grinding, and we've researched and collected the latest research detailing the problems and the most effective and cost effective solutions for Bruxism sufferers such as getting a custom night guard.

We've categorized the information neatly into the following sections below.

General Dental and Oral Health

1. Dental Hygiene and Teeth Health Tips and Resources
2. Oral (Mouth) Health Tips and Resources
3. Dental and Oral Health Tips for Parents

Bruxism and Night Time Teeth Grinding

1. The Relationship Between Stress, Insomnia, and Sleep Bruxism
2. The Latest Developments in Bruxism Treatments
3. The Latest Information on Sleep Apnea
4. The Latest Information on Sleep Disorders
5. What is Daytime Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

Updates and Contact

This resource is always being updated with new information, so please check back often.

We love feedback, please send your feedback and comments here.

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