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The International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health is a high quality open access journal that features peer reviewed articles submitted to us by authors from all over the world who are working in the field of Dentistry and Oral Health and are actively involved in the research and development of diagnosis and treatment of the various problems related to Dentistry and Oral Health. The journal is composed of numerous articles, reports, editorials, research papers, and thesis related to the dozens of subjects related to Dentistry and Oral Health and make for a high value and interesting collection for the many healthcare experts in this field. SCI FORSCHEN manages the journal and provides unfettered access to the journal to anyone who wishes to know more about the recent developments in this field. We aspire to bring together the sharpest mind in the field and create a rich collection of research material that helps document all the work that the thousands of professionals are doing in the field of Dentistry and Oral Health.

The clinical studies that are an essential part of research for any medical field are a great way to quickly understand the newest technologies being implemented in a field, and SCI FORSCHEN makes it easier for experts in the Dentistry and Oral Health sector to share their clinical trial reports with their peers in a fast and highly efficient manner. Not only does the platform allow for easy sharing of high quality papers, the peer review system also works to help these experts get much needed corrections in their work to help the articles meet the standards of quality that the author’s peers would expect from them. The platform is not just meant for the scholarly community either. The purpose of all information is to be useful to as wide an audience as possible, and the journal of Dentistry and Oral Health will allow anyone to access these articles and educate them on all the latest proceeding in the world of Dentistry and Oral Health. This is important because the scholarly community is generally perceived as closed, and an open access to the work they are doing can drastically change this perception.

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