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Who Oral health?

Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme by WHO Collaborating Centres, Malmö University, Sweden and Niigata University, Japan.


The "WHO Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme", i.e. the "CAPP" was established in collaboration with WHO Noncommunicable Diseases Cluster, several WHO Collaborating Centres, organizations and individuals around the world in 1995. The objective is to present information on oral diseases and oral health services for various countries/areas. The main server is located at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Education, Training and Research at Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University, Sweden. The information of periodontal conditions have been updated by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Sciences, Niigata University, Japan.

The CAPP database is based on national oral health surveys, publications from national health bulletins and personal communications. Additionally, the dentition status information, as well as periodontal diseases information, have been retrieved from bibliography databases.

The data presented in the CAPP follow the WHO manual - “Oral Health Survey Basic Methods”; however, exceptions are made for those countries that have no data, in which case data that do not conform to the WHO “Oral Health Survey Basic Methods” may be presented in the database.

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