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Buckhead dentist Dr. Deborah King offers comprehensive general, restorative and cosmetic dental services in a patient focused environment. A highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr. King strives to provide the highest quality dentistry in a compassionate manner with a focus on disease prevention and overall health and well being.

The health of your smile is both connected to and a reflection of your state of physical health and well being. We are committed to helping you achieve overall health with complete dentistry that is as natural as possible, tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Preventive: At Buckhead Dental Care, we take a proactive preventive approach to our patients care. From our initial exam to our hygiene room, we take a big picture look at the whole chewing system. We look for the early warning signs of breakdown in the system, such as worn teeth, in effort to prevent more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.

Restorative: For those patients who unfortunately have extensive damage and would like to restore their teeth and smile back to health, we are able to help. We collaborate with our patients using models and photos of their teeth to help them understand different treatment options and expected results. We are happy to take the time with our patients to provide the dental care that they deserve.

Holistic: We practice with a holistic approach and take into consideration the effect that negative metals and materials can have on a person’s body. We work with our patients to provide them the best health that can be achieved, educating them on the types of dental materials that we use. We offer safe removal of existing metals (for example, old fillings) and provide testing for compatible materials to replace them to ensure there are no allergies.

Comprehensive: We do not have contractual agreements with any dental insurance companies. This would limit our ability to provide the comprehensive care and best possible materials for our patients. We will not compromise our care just because it is not covered by an insurance plan. If we feel it is best to offer a service to our patients, we are allowed to do so with a clear conscience rather than trying to make our overhead.

Why Choose A Dawson Trained Dentist?

Dr. King is a Dawson trained dentist, practicing the concept of complete dentistry. A comprehensive biological approach to your dental care, complete dentistry considers the entire occlusal system. During a routine exam Dr. King will not only look to see that the teeth and gums appear healthy, but evaluate the jaw joints and temporal muscles for proper function.

Your dental health is more than just keeping the teeth and gums free of decay and disease; it is also dependent on a balanced and comfortable bite. Identifying and treating a bite disorder is the key to enjoying a lifetime of healthy smiles and dentistry that will last.

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