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Uptown Dental care

2800 Routh St
Ste 255
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 740-1186

Uptown Dental Care is by far the best dental experience I've had in many years. Dr. Ortiz and her staff are friendly, helpful and excellent in everything they do. I first visited the office after badly cracking one of my teeth. I was a part of a wedding just a few days later and I needed and rapid turnaround on my work. Dr. Ortiz saw me on the same day the incident happened and less than a week later I had a new tooth that looked remarkable. In addition to my crown, I also did a full whitening treatment that restored my teeth's natural whiteness. I looked great for the wedding and I couldn't ask for more efficient service. I returned to Dr. Ortiz for both a normal cleaning and then a full deep cleaning and scaling. Her staff did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and explaining everything that was needed to ensure they remain healthy and attractive. I proudly recommended Dr. Ortiz to my friend, and she showed the same care and cheerfulness that won me over. Overall, I cannot recommend this dentist highly enough. She is skilled and friendly. The entire staff is approachable and deserve success.

I would not recommend anyone go to this dental practice. To start, their representative at the front desk looked up the wrong insurance plan and told me the wrong coverage amounts. They only verbally told me these amounts and did not document anything in writing. They then also inaccurately billed me. When I called to figure all of this out, their Operations Manager, Ralph Parsons, told me he needed to hear his representative's side of the story as he didn't trust my story. After much conversation on the phone, Ralph raised his voice and said to me, "Quite honestly, you are the perfect customer to lose!" He was extremely disrespectful. Apparently, the customer ISN'T always right at this dental practice. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this treatment. Pick a different dentist.

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